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Anytime on the Bay

This past weekend, I went on an overnight boat trip on the Chesapeake Bay with some friends and had a blast. The boat is a 40 foot vintage Hinckley B40, of which only 203 were made and we sailed on it from 7:00 PM on Saturday until 6:30 PM on Sunday, going across the Chesapeake and into the Choptank river… all at night.

Saturday evening was phenomenal with clear skies and a full moon. We were the only boat on the bay running with no engine noise and just the gentle splash of the hull through the water and the quiet flapping of the sails. We sailed to the Choptank river and then anchored in the middle of nowhere, while the captain grilled steaks and cooked corn on the cob. Having dinner on a boat in the middle of nowhere during a full moon with a bunch of friends just completely rocks.

More info on the boat and the charter can be found at

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