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Farewell, Ricardo Montalban

Welcome to Fantasy Island!

Welcome to Fantasy Island!

I was saddened to hear that Ricardo Montalban died yesterday. When I was growing up, I always watched Fantasy Island every Saturday at my grandparents’ house and Mr. Rourke was always so cool, debonair, and mysterious. I so wanted to be just like him.

Then, later in life, after having a daughter, she and I would watch the animated Disney show Kim Possible and Ricardo Montalban voiced the character of SeƱor Senior, Sr., one of the main villains on the show. That simply added a sense of fun to my impression of him, so then he was cool, debonair, mysterious, AND fun.

Reading about his real life, it seems he was all those things (except for maybe the mysterious part) in addition to being humble and gracious, and was well-loved by both business associates and family. It’s always nice to hear that an actor you looked up to as a child turns out to be a good person in real life.

Almost as if it was a fantasy granted.

(On a lighter note, I now picture him hanging out with Raul Julia and partying it up in some post-life Mexican cabana with lots of liquor and scantily clad island women. Shots are on the house, Ricardo! You’ll be missed!)

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