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Reality is fuzzy for Bachmann

I’m really ashamed that this woman is even electable in this country.

“The media wants you to believe that tea party patriots are toothless hillbillies,” said Bachmann, who instead cast the tea partiers as intelligent, educated and professional people. “This is a very sophisticated crowd. And then these charges from Democrats that they were spit upon, that there were racial epithets — there’s no one who saw anything.”

– Michele Bachmann


Sure, “toothless hillbillies” is over the top (and I haven’t seen the media make that accusation, anyway), but to say that they are “intelligent, educated, and professional people” is just as over-the-top as the hillbilly comment.

I’m sure there are some intelligent, well-educated tea partiers (well… I assume there are), but if there are, they are being grossly overshadowed by their ignorant (and sometimes bigoted… and sometimes borderline psychotic) counterparts… and it’s not the fault of the media.

Michele Bachmann fits neatly in the “ignorant” slot, though at the risk of being accused of ad hominem attacks, she’s been said to fit neatly in the “bat-shit crazy” slot, too. Bachmann’s ignorance, lies, and misguided rhetoric combine to demonstrate a perfect example of one of the big problems in our country.

That she actually got elected is equally dire.



  1. Thomas Shafer says:

    Please specify reasons why she fits “neatly in the “bat-shit crazy” slot” and that it is dire that she got elected. What is it about her Congressional record that makes her a bad elected official? Judging her on how she defends the Tea Party is not a stringent test of her abilities or her credentials. From my perspective, she is one of the most outspoken members of Congress criticizing the crazy, insane, unethical spending in D.C. That is what the Tea Party is about. It is not an amalgam of ignorant and bigoted citizens. The accusations of bigotry have been unproven. I have NEVER seen or heard a bigoted expression from a person attending a Tea Party. In fact, the events I have attended have in some cases been so subdued, you’d hardly know there was a fermenting anger – which there is – against the stupid spending and ignorance of the US Constitution. Just some examples, once in a while, to back up your assertions would be enlightening…

    1. Dan says:

      You can find plenty of people giving reasons why they think she’s “bat-shit crazy” by doing a simple Google search. Since my piece stated that “she’s been said to fit neatly” in that category, I think you’d be better served by reading why others feel that way.

      Nor did I say anything about her voting record. I’m not sure how you come up with these questions. It’s almost as if you read an entirely different post than this one.

      What I did say was that she is ignorant, misguided, and spreads lies. I also stated that she’s a good example of one of the big problems in our country and it’s amazing (in a bad way) that she’s even electable, much less that she actually got elected.

      From calling gay marriage the biggest issue to impact our country in the past 30 years to insinuating that the swine flu was some sort of plot by Democrats (for unspecified reasons) to making McCarthy-like comments suggesting that certain members of Congress be investigated for anti-American views to spreading her conspiracy-theory type of thinking, Bachmann has proven repeatedly that she not only has a pretty thin grasp on reality, but wants everyone else to loosen their grasps as well.

      As for the Tea Party, your microcosm of experience doesn’t seem to reflect what goes on in the larger world. As I stated, I’m sure there are intelligent, well-educated tea-partiers and I’ve seen plenty of protest signs, some wonderfully clever, that indicate as much (the signs you and a friend were holding in some of your pictures are some great examples), but I’ve also seen plenty of signs and heard plenty of interviews that indicate the opposite. If you haven’t seen enough to acknowledge the truth of that, then you either avoid all contact with the outside world or you’re wearing monumentally large, mind-altering blinders.

      While your view of the Tea Party is that it’s all about irresponsible government spending and that may be the official line, a large portion of the Tea Party members stray pretty far from that message and/or take that message to a Bachmannesque level of absurdity: communism, nazis, homophobia, new world order, thinly veiled threats of violence, birthers, biblical references, racism, Hitler and Stalin… the list goes on.

      So the point of my post is that Bachmann was, again, ignoring reality with her quote… as she tends to do quite frequently. And when people ignore (or twist) reality on a fairly regular basis, yet can get elected by a public who sees no problem with it, then that is what’s dire… and Bachmann is a perfect example.

      If you want more backup for my “assertions” (sometimes known as my “opinions”), you can spend about five minutes on Google and you’ll have enough information to keep you reading for at least a few hours.

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