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Pomodoro’s Restaurant in York is Finished

Angry ChefMy daughter’s godparents were attacked last night at Pomodoro’s Restaurant in York (South York Plaza) for not liking an Italian dish served there. Their daughter was taking them out for her father’s 50th birthday and expected to have a wonderful evening. Instead, they got some good food, some not-so-good food, and an angry chef with a kitchen staff posse beating them up.

Here’s what happened in her words [sic].

Last night while dining at Pomodoro’s Italian Resturant and Grill on Pauline Drive (formerly Scotto’s) my family and I encountered something that words cannot described. We were enjoying our time celebrating my fathers 50th birthday (which is today). We were having a great time having many laughs. When our entree’s came to the table all of our meal’s all of them were good, except for one. My mother ordered Rissoto with mushrooms, which was overloaded with raw garlic. Overloaded to the point where she could not eat it. She let our server know and he immediately went back to the kitchen to tell the chef that it wasn’t to her tasting. With that said, a whole night of events insued. The server came to the table and told us that the chef insisted that the meal was cooked to perfection and what we were tasting was truffle oil (which is not garlic flavored). When the check came he told us that he negotiated with the chef and they decided to take a different (more inexpensive) meal off of the check. My father insisted on speaking to the resturant’s manager to get the matter resolved. She came to the table and had no idea what had happened or that we had any issues. My sister, myself and my aunt went outside so that my parents could finish up with the bill. In the 5minutes that we were outside, through the window we saw the chef come barging out of the kitchen and start yelling. Insulting my mother saying that she doesn’t know how to eat and that this dish was perfect. (Anyone who knows my mother knows that we are Italian and grew up in the buisness) When my father told them that she just simply didn’t like it the chef tore the check out of his hand and told him to get the fuck out of the resturant. That is when it really went down hill.

This man felt it necissary to shove my parents out of the establishment and when they got outside a different man who was about 6’4 started yelling at my dad and when my dad told him ,back the fuck off the many shoved him and then started to punch him. As he was doing this 4 other members of the kitchen felt it necissary to come out of the resturant and all 5 of them knock my father to the ground and continue punching him in the face, kick him in the stomach and beat him with their shoes. Needless to say the police were called and within seconds 5 York Area Regional officers were on scene, along with an ambulance. Police reports have been given and my father was in the hospital until almost 1:30am. He does not have any broken bones and is still sore, but because someone didn’t care for the tast of rissoto he ended up with a chipped tooth, busted lip, gash on his forehead, a swollen jaw, and contusions to his arms. Not only a royal ass beating on the eve of his 50th birthday.

Other patrons at the restaurant backed up their story to the police, so evidently the chef and the staff are just crazy people. I’ve eaten there once before (when it was Scotto’s) but not for quite awhile. You can be sure I won’t be going there… oh… ever.

From what their attorney told them, after that incident, the restaurant won’t be in business much longer anyway.

Talk about not taking criticism well.


  1. anon says:

    I was there that night and can verify that this is ab absolute true story! Also, the other food wasn’t great anyway… kind of like “chef boyardee” as my husband put it.

  2. Svidesigns says:

    I used to work there when it was Bella’s, that was after Scotto’s before Pomodoros. I heard the chefs a legit Italian hothead.

  3. Anon says:

    My friend used to work there and left because the manager was being very unfair and would practically sabotage their schedule. I don’t want to get into detail because they might be reading this. All I have to say is that the food is pretty good but I would not piss off the manager (ashley) or her hubby (the cook).

  4. jrhodapo says:

    I dated the Chef before marriage and I can assure you he’s never had any culinary training but he’ll profess to being a cook/chef. All his prior jobs were at pizza shops.

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