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The sky finally clears!

Celestron AstroMaster114 Last night was the first time I got to use my new telescope that I got from It was delivered on July 17th and, with one exception, the sky has been cloudy every… single… night! Finally, last night, there were enough clear spots that I could get a nice view of the moon and the detail. The view, even without a filter, was terrific. Megan was pretty excited about it, too (Lori took a look and said she saw footprints. Ha!).

The moon was probably only about one-third full, but there were lots of craters visible with great resolution. I used a 20mm eyepiece to position everything (about 50x magnification) and then switched to a 10mm eyepiece (100x) to get more detail. I almost expected to see the LRO cruising around the moon!

I’ll be taking a drive with the telescope to a much darker location with less light pollution soon, so I’m hoping to get an even better moon view and some great views of a planet or two… if I can find them. I’m still not fluent with the whole astronomical coordinate language yet, so that’s going to be tough for awhile.

I’m really looking forward to a clearer night with a fuller moon.


  1. Jay says:

    you’ve had your telescope since August, huh? waited almost a year for a clear night.

    1. Dan says:

      FFS!!! July! I meant July!!!


      Thanks for catching that. LOL!

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