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What’s Hasenpfeffer!?!

Hasenpfeffer?!? So, this morning I woke up from a dream that I was doing a ventriloquist act on-stage. For the record, I’ve never done a ventriloquist act in real life.

A man came up to the front of the stage and presented my dummy (which had somehow turned into a giant rolling wardrobe) with what he said was hasenpfeffer. It looked more like a small pile of chopped-up chicken, but it was a dream, so it all seemed perfectly normal.

My dummy replied (via my voice), “What’s hasenpfeffer?”

I, and the entire audience, in mock disbelief, shouted back “WHAT’S HASSENPFEFFER?!?!?” …which was followed by thunderous laughter and applause to end my act, and I took a bow and rolled the wardrobe/dummy offstage.

There was a little more after that, but it was just mundane stuff like freeing someone who got caught in the backstage curtains, avoiding a giant mechanical shark, surfing on metaphorical waves, and worrying about my math homework. No big deal.

Analyze THAT!!!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I need more info, like WHAT DRUGS YOU ARE ON????? Makes all the difference in the world! HA! Pretty fun and amusing dream!

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