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Glenn Beck and the Key to the City

It seems that Glenn Beck has received the “key to the city” from the mayor of his hometown, Mount Vernon, Washington. Bud Norris (the mayor), evidently emphasized that “the honor was for his professional accomplishments, not his political views.”

There were about 800 demonstrators on hand, reportedly evenly split between supporters and detractors.

Beck gave an acceptance speech at the event. MSNBC reports (emphasis mine)…

Beck, 45, mostly stayed away from discussing politics. But he said he didn’t remember politics being so divisive when he was growing up. The country could count on a bright future if people would stop tearing each other apart, he said.

I’m not sure if that’s hypocrisy or irony coming from the guy who said that Obama is a racist and has a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” He’s also the guy who said “Everyone is Hitler, except for me!” and…

The Manchurian Candidate couldn’t destroy us faster than Barack Obama. If you were planning a sleeper to come in and become president of the United States, this is how he would do it.

(and that’s pretty mild compared to a lot of his stuff)

This buffoon of hatred, bigotry, and absurdism is the guy who says we should stop tearing each other apart? Well… actually, he didn’t say we should stop. He said that our country could count on a bright future if we would stop.

I guess he wants no part of that.


  1. Jay says:

    Godwin’s Law say that Glenn Beck has lost all arguments to everyone, except for himself.

    I love it when a plan comes together.

  2. scott says:

    i guess you would have the federal government hopld your hand through life due to the fact that you can’t do it. glenn beck reports facts that the “in bed with obama” media won’t report. what do have to say about acorn and these lunatic czras that he appointed. you need to wake up to reality. if you would take notice to some of the things that is said, he doesn’t let bush off the hook. conservatism works, that is proven fact.

    1. Dan says:

      I get the distinct impression that you’re implying that anyone who doesn’t agree with Glenn Beck wants the government to hold their hand through life… the same Glenn Beck who called our president racist and said he has a “deep seated hatred” against white people?

      You also seem to be advertising a bit of ignorance about the “czars” issue, since they’re not something started by Obama. The special advisers, which the media actually named “czars,” have been appointed since Nixon’s time… some say earlier.

      As for waking up to reality… I don’t think that’s my issue. If you think Beck is a rational, dependable champion of truth, you have larger issues than simply waking up to reality.

      As for conservatism, I agree that it works. That, however, is a far cry from saying that nobody else has any good ideas.

      1. scott says:

        Iw ould say that everything that Glenn Beck says is true, but it appears to me that the “in bed with Obama Media is not reporting what Beck is reporting, like Acorn issues, and the Jones character. Thank God that somebody is reporting real news that affects you and me.

        As for the czars, I know when they were enacted, but these particular czars are absolute mormons and out there in space.

        If you agree in conservatism than start preach that and quit fighting against it. Obama is dismantling this country by sector. I’m sorry that you and other liberals can’t see this. The people that you associate yourself with in your lifetime influences the shape of your life. Look at who he hung around with. Seek the truth.

        1. Dan says:

          The fact that you would say that everything Glenn Beck says is true is a pretty good indication that any further discussion isn’t going to be worth the effort that either of us would put into it. Add to that the statement that the czars are “mormons” and I think you’ve created a discussion-ending post.

          Thanks for playing.

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