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Oh, for the love of bacon!

How the heck do I sign up for this job!?

We taste-tested pounds of bacon from the grocery store to find the sizzling winners.

The folks on Rachael Ray’s website have got it made!

Every Day with Rachael Ray: Big Bite Taste Test - Bacon

The winners?

  • Best Oddball: Mountain Products Smokehouse Country Sliced Chipotle
  • Best Turkey: Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon
  • Best Thick-cut: Jimmy Dean Thick Slice Premium Bacon
  • Best Sweet: Beeler’s Uncured Apple-Cinnamon Bacon
  • Best Original: Ozark Trails Hickory Smoked and Peppered Bacon

I’m a big fan of thick-cut bacon, but I’d be more than willing to try the others, though turkey bacon holds a lesser appeal. It’s not real bacon. As we all know, real bacon comes from magical pigs.

Hint: All pigs are magical.

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  1. Drew says:

    The secret? I’ve been feeding the turkeys in the back field pieces of ground, dried pork. Now how you think THAT turkey bacon will taste come this fall? Huh, smart guy?

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