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John Oliver on Climate Change

I’ve been meaning to post this all week but kept forgetting. John Oliver gives a spot-on (and funny) commentary about the climate change “debate” and public opinion polls about climate change. Love it!

h/t: IFLScience!


  1. Tom Shafer says:

    I love it. Now England’s version of Jon Stewart is the new populist “expert” on anthropogenic climate warming… I mean “change”, no I mean “disruption”.
    Oh, “F_ck it!” Whatever…
    That report touted by the White House earlier this month was soundly and very universally debunked as crappy science. So peoples’ opinions DO matter when it’s very questionable science being used to essentially legitimize more power for the federal government.
    And I have met Bill Nye. He’s at best a generalist, and a communicator. He’s no expert on climate science. His advocacy does more harm for “the cause” than help it.
    This is nothing but populist poppycock, and the 21st century’s new religion.

    1. Dan says:

      I certainly hope you can see the irony in your comment. If so, I don’t really need to reply further. If not, it would be pointless if I did.

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