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Master bedroom framing

Master bedroom framing

It’s amazing the progress that’s been made since my last update (which was, admittedly, a long time ago). We’re still living in the center section (the original house, basically), but both additions are nearing the point where they’re going to be drywalled.

The roofs are done and shingled. The windows (except for one that’s on order) are all installed. The interior framing is (I think) all done except for, perhaps, a few minor things. Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work are done on the garage wing and have been started on the master bedroom wing.

That’s expected to be completed by next Monday or Tuesday so the inspectors can check it out and the insulators can come do their bit. After that, it’s drywall time!

Framing in Megan's room

Framing in Megan’s room

HVAC duct work

HVAC duct work in the garage

Electrical panels

Electrical panels in the garage





I don’t have a current, full exterior view at the moment and it’s raining right now, so I can’t go take one, but here’s a shot around┬áthe back of┬áthe master bedroom wing. They just finished roofing the porch out of the master bedroom so I took a picture of that and of the view that we’ll have from the bedroom out onto the porch.

Master bedroom porch and view

Master bedroom porch and view

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