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Cyanide & Happiness #4062

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  1. Tom Shafer says:

    I’m having a hard time figuring out where you come down on this, but as for the “Cyanide & Happiness #4062” cartoon, my response is that only the demented mind of a pro-choice apostle could possibly equate an unwanted cooked steak with unwanted pre-natal child. As someone who lost three children to miscarriages, I find this to be the most offensive portrayal of what it means to be pro-life. Now I totally get it that someone who claims to be a libertarian can advocate that government shouldn’t be used to foist one group’s vision of morality on society. But having said that, it seems to me that our system of governance – which reflects the body politic – should make two things paramount: respecting life and protecting personal liberty. The Democrat party makes a big stink about government keeping its “hands off [my] body”, but at the same time wants government to underwrite a morally vacuous lifestyle. And you know what I mean. So regrettably, while I see no constitutional reason why government should get in the way of a woman aborting her own child just because she doesn’t want to take on the responsibility of playing with a loaded gun, I chafe when a political party extols being “pro-choice” as a moral virtue.
    -Tom Shafer

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