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Getting organized…

After building the dining room table and the headboard for Megan’s bed, I realized that I was accumulating a bunch of tools that were getting more and more scattered about the garage. We still have a lot of stuff in the garage from our remodeling and we’re trying to get it all organized and moved to proper locations so we can actually park in the garage again before it gets cold out… so my tool and supply accumulation wasn’t moving us in the right direction.

I was also tired of building things on a couple sawhorses and a piece of plywood.

So I thought it was time to build an actual workbench for the garage. I based my design mostly off this plan on Instructables but used a different table top and put it on casters so I could move it around, since I plan to leave this one in the garage and build another woodworking bench for my wood shop when that gets completed.

So here’s the final product…

Rolling Garage Workbench

In addition to the workbench, I needed a place to store all the clamps I’d accumulated, too. I had more than a dozen long clamps that I’d used for the dining room table glue-up and I think at least 457,336 assorted other clamps… most of which were on the floor or on assorted horizontal surfaces. So… time to build a clamp rack. This design came from a Google image search and was a mish-mash of various ideas. The whole thing is on casters so I can easily move it around as needed.

Rolling Clamp Rack

I also added a shelf in the middle and put a “towel bar” of sorts for hanging spring clamps and smaller clamps. I’m going to put a couple hooks on it for hanging miscellaneous stuff.

Rolling Clamp Rack Shelf

I still have a bit more organizing to do, but I’m on the way. We’re running through the last of our “get it done before winter” projects, too, so we’ll be able to move things out of the way soon and free up a couple parking bays.

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