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Weekend shop work

Scroll saw on standIn my continuing effort to get my big tools organized and mobile, I worked on a rolling stand for my scroll saw. The scroll saw is a 1930’s Craftsman saw that belonged to my grandfather. The frame is made of cast iron and the entire thing weighs about 9,247 metric tons… so the stand needed to be pretty solid, especially if it was going to be mobile. I based it off these plans from Donald on his Fun With Woodworking YouTube channel, modifying it a bit to make it fit my scroll saw and adding casters to one end so I can move it around like a wheelbarrow. I still need to add a bottom shelf and some retractable handles to it it’s easier to manage, but it works pretty well.

Router TableThe other project that I’m working on is a router table. I got the table top finished and have almost gotten the clamping fence done. It’s currently designed to be portable so I can clamp it onto a workbench or sawhorses when I need to use it, but eventually, I’d like to mount the top onto a dedicated cabinet to give it a bit more functionality.

The top is a 3-layer laminate of 1/2″ plywood, 1/2″ MDF, and a 1/8″ layer of hardboard on top to give it a nice slippery surface. The fence is made of MDF with a hardboard face on it. I have some enhancements I plan on making to it eventually, but this gives me enough functionality for now, so after a few more “finishing touches,” I’ll be done with it for a bit.

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