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Table saw under-wing storage

I’ve been trying to do a lot of organizing and streamlining of my shop the past few weeks. I’m currently using our garage as my workshop, so I need to be able to move everything aside so I can park in there when I’m not working. One issue that I always have is storage, so I decided to use some empty space under the wing of my table saw to hold a storage drawer, pull-out shelf, and a catch-all bin for push blocks and the like.

Sketchy Plans

I took some measurements and sketched a plan… of dubious usefulness. For the record, I stuck with almost none of those original measurements because I was making this unit out of scrap wood I had in my shop and I didn’t have pieces big enough to make it as designed. With some creative shenanigans, I was able to make it work, though.

Panels with dadoes

I cut (most of) the pieces to size and cut some dados to hold the horizontal pieces. I also cut the pieces for the pull-out shelf and the drawer. Everything was assembled using glue… and a mallet… and a bunch of clamps. Time for a clamping montage!

Clamping montage!

After everything was dry and a few scrap pieces were added to make the measurements work out, here’s what I ended up with.

Unfinished storage box

I used 1/4″ MDF for the drawer bottom and the pull-out shelf bottom. The rest is either 1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood or pine 1×2 boards.

I used some leftover blue-gray stain to stain the front of the drawer, the shelf, and the top bin, then added a few coats of polyurethane to each of those areas as well. The outside of the box got a coat of Home Depot orange to match the table saw.

It turned out fairly well and will make keeping push blocks and other items a lot more handy while I’m using the saw!

Table saw under-wing storage with pull-out shelf
Table saw under-wing storage with pull-out shelf
Table saw under-wing storage with pull-out shelf

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