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Videos produced by me.

Music’s Demo Reel

I shot this demo video of my sister’s horse, Music, so prospective buyers could see him in action.

Shot with a Kodak Playsport and Kodak Zi8 and edited with Adobe Premiere Elements.

Stop Motion Video: Heading Out

Megan and I decided to play around a bit with some stop motion video. We decided that kayaking through the house and out the door was silly enough to warrant some effort, so here’s the end result.

She was a trooper, too. It was about 30 degrees out and the wind was whipping in the door and all she had on was her "Go Play Outside" t-shirt from Shanks Mare. Her smile (on-camera) never wavered.

Aluminum Journey

I just finished my latest video project today. This was probably the most effort I’ve put into anything I’ve done to date… more moving parts and shots than previous videos. I think it was also my first multi-location video as well.

Fun to shoot. Fun to edit (to a point). It changed focus from being an emotional, tiring journey to a lighthearted romp across various landscapes (the video, not my attitude toward making it). It also changed from having a somewhat serious message to… well… not.

I shot it using a Kodak Playsport and a Kodak Zi8. Editing was done using Hitfilm Ultimate. Music composed with SmartSound Sonicfire Pro. Additional sound cleanup was done using Audacity.

Juice Pouch Recycling

Megan’s school is collecting used juice pouches in order to earn money for school stuff (the funds go to the PTO to pay for activities for the kids). Since the school has a closed circuit TV system and does morning announcements on it, Lori thought it would be cool to have the program announced with a “commercial” of sorts. With a go-ahead from the principal and a volunteer cast, we shot this in just over an hour.

The kids were easy to direct and did a great job.

I shot it using my Kodak Playsport and Kodak Zi8. Sound recording was done using a Tascam DR-07. Editing was done using Hitfilm Ultimate. Music clips were customized using SmartSound Sonicfire Pro.

Calliope Klenk

My sister and brother-in-law just got a new Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, so I had to go see her and I figured a bit of video was in order.

I shot this with my Kodak Playsport at 720p resolution and edited it using HitFilm Ultimate.

Culinary Conscience

I just finished the latest video that Megan and I shot back in October. I had some issues with the effects back then and gave up for awhile, which is why it took so long.

Hooray for bacon!

The effects and 98% of the editing were done using FXHome’s HitFilm. I used Adobe Premiere Elements for the titles and some of the sound.

Bug’s Demo Reel

To help my niece sell her thoroughbred horse, Bug, I created this demo reel of her riding and jumping him so prospective buyers could see him before they made the drive out to meet him.

I shot it using a Kodak Playsport and a Kodak Zi8.

Saving the Day

My latest video project is complete. I put the script together, shot it the next day (with an exceptional amount of help from Megan), and edited it together today. There are a few things I would have done differently, but I’m happy with it for the most part.

It involves an argument over what to have for dinner. I don’t want to give away the ending, but it involves my favorite type of meat.

The Button

Megan and my latest video project. We fight over control of a button with surprising results.

(h/t to Thundy for the rotoscoping tips)

Alien Rescue!

Megan and I did some LEGO stop action work yesterday. And when I say “work” I really mean “play.” It was a good project for the first day of summer.