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It’s not about the nail…

I LOL’d.


I don’t think any description is necessary here.

Kayaking horse...

Seriously? Snow NOW?!

I’m ready to be back on the water…

Melt, dammit! Melt!

IMAX Shenanigans

Megan and I went to see Jack the Giant Slayer today. The movie was in a new IMAX theater at a local place. As we sat down in the theater (and well before the movie started), Megan put on her glasses, started waving her hands around in front of her face, and said, “It’s like I’m actually in the theater!”

Stop Motion Video: Heading Out

Megan and I decided to play around a bit with some stop motion video. We decided that kayaking through the house and out the door was silly enough to warrant some effort, so here’s the end result.

She was a trooper, too. It was about 30 degrees out and the wind was whipping in the door and all she had on was her "Go Play Outside" t-shirt from Shanks Mare. Her smile (on-camera) never wavered.

Appropriate profanity

Darwin on a dino in space! (

Oh, there you are, Perrys!

Oh, there you are, Perrys!

Yep… I can relate.

Bacon and coffee, or GTFO

The Earth’s Elliptical Orbit…

I know people like this (each of the posters, actually).

The Earth's orbit...

Science, FTW!

Re-captioning old children’s books, FTW!

I think the devil does it.