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“We should not be surprised by any of this.” – Stephen Colbert

Seriously, not only could this be predicted, but it was predicted… by lots of people when Trump was a candidate in 2016. It was made worse by all the politicians who coddled his worse instincts for the past four years: supporting his despicable nonsense, explaining away all his abhorrent behavior, normalizing actions that should be considered disgustingly abnormal by any decent person. Throughout his presidency, Trump continued to demonstrate, time and time again, that he was not only unfit to be president in a myriad of ways, but that he was also a foul, childish, and pathetic excuse for a human being. Still, Republican politicians and other high-level government officials didn’t just look the other way. They actively supported him. They encouraged him. They bear responsibility for Wednesday’s riot just as Trump does.

Some of them hypocritically went from vehemently denouncing him in the early 2016 primaries to endorsing him with full-throated enthusiasm once he became president. This wasn’t a case of “I campaigned against you but now we have to be united” which is fairly normal in politics. These were people (like Lindsey Graham, for example) who despised Trump and knew that he would be a dumpster fire of a president. But then they decided that morals, ethics, and honor weren’t things they cared about, so they did an about face and defended him with red-faced righteousness and holy anger against anyone who would dare call attention to Trump’s self-serving and dangerous actions or to his repeated (and repeated and repeated and repeated) lies. Hypocrites.

His supporters have wholeheartedly joined what can easily and accurately be termed a cult. It’s the Cult of Trump. They believe his lies. They cheer his xenophobia. They laugh at his sexism. They dismiss and mock his critics. Trump, aided and abetted by Republican politicians who have shamelessly fawned over him during his term, has created a cult of personality that he keeps alive by peppering it with lies, absurd promises, and conspiracy theories.

This man is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a “law and order” president. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves… and was from the beginning.

If you’ve supported this man in 2016, supported him throughout his clusterfuck of a presidency, or continue to support him now, your moral compass isn’t just broken, it’s gone.

The Common Loon

The Common LoonAt the "State" Fair at my daughter’s school today (where all the students show off the projects they did about their selected US state), I just found out that the state bird of Minnesota is the Common Loon (also known as the Great Northern Loon).

It struck me as wholly appropriate, given that Minnesota is the home state of Michele Bachmann.

It’s got to be a coincidence, right? Right?!

Michelle Bachman hasn’t a clue

What I would say is that the news media should do a penetrating expose and take a look. I wish they would. I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out, are they pro-America or anti-America? I think people would love to see an expose like that.

– Michelle Bachman in an October 2008 interview

Pro-America? Anti-America? I shudder to think what her criteria would be for being "anti-American."

It’s hard to believe that anyone takes this woman seriously. I’ve seen her talk on numerous occasions and she really seems clueless. The last speech of hers that I heard (a "Call to Arms") was filled with misinformation, alarmist rhetoric (based on misinformation), and just flat out errors (maybe lies, but I don’t know if they were intentional or not). She’s hopelessly bible-bound, anti-intellectual, and bigoted.

It saddens me that there are enough people in this country for her to be elected in the first place.

No, no, no, no, NO!!!!

Filled with stolen taxpayer money

Filled with stolen taxpayer money

According to this article on MSNBC, Wells Fargo, which received about $25 billion in taxpayer bailout money,  is planning on having a “series of corporate junkets” to Las Vegas casinos this month.

From the article…

Wells Fargo, once among the nation’s top writers of sub prime mortgages, has booked 12 nights at the Wynn Las Vegas and its sister hotel, the Encore Las Vegas beginning Friday, said Wynn spokeswoman Michelle Loosbrock. The hotels will host the annual conference for company’s top mortgage officers.

The conference is a Wells Fargo tradition. Previous years have included all-expense-paid helicopter rides, wine tasting, horseback riding in Puerto Rico and a private Jimmy Buffett concert in the Bahamas for more than 1,000 employees and guests.

Other banks have cancelled their “employee recognition” outings due to financial cutbacks, but not Wells Fargo. Evidently, they feel it’s okay to spend all this taxpayer bailout money on parties and “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” shenanigans.

“I was amazed with just how lavish it was,” said Debra Rickard, a former Wells Fargo mortgage employee from Colorado who attended the events regularly until she left the company in 2004. “We stayed in top hotels, the entertainment was just unbelievable, and there were awards — you got plaques or trophies.”

What’s the excuse for continuing this lavish event even though the company needed (and received) bailout money to stay afloat?

“Recognition events are still part of our culture,” spokeswoman Melissa Murray said. “It’s really important that our team members are still valued and recognized.”

“Part of our culture?” Is poor management to the point of bankruptcy part of your culture, too? Is misusing public funds part of your culture? Is destroying the public trust part of your culture? Is lavish excess funded by taxpayer money part of your culture?

Evidently, it is now.

If they actually hold this event, I think all their bailout money should be returned… forcibly if necessary. Let them fail because they certainly aren’t doing anything to succeed. They are just taking in public funds for their own grand, hedonistic enjoyment, flushing the money down the financial toilet of delusional entitlement.

There was supposed to be some pretty stringent oversight attached to this bailout money. I hope Congress steps in and puts the smack down on this Wells Fargo fiasco, but I sadly fear that they won’t.

Murray did not immediately have details about the size or cost of the events or what was planned.

No surprise there. The MSNBC article provides this detail, though.

Rooms at the Wynn and the Encore are consistently among the most expensive in Las Vegas. The $2.3 billion Encore opened in December as sister hotel to the Wynn. Its decor includes a 27-foot Asian dragon made from 90,000 Swarovski crystals and artwork by Colombian artist Fernando Botero. One of the restaurants features Frank Sinatra’s 1953 Oscar.

I guess the Red Roof Inn is out of the question.