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“We should not be surprised by any of this.” – Stephen Colbert

Seriously, not only could this be predicted, but it was predicted… by lots of people when Trump was a candidate in 2016. It was made worse by all the politicians who coddled his worse instincts for the past four years: supporting his despicable nonsense, explaining away all his abhorrent behavior, normalizing actions that should be considered disgustingly abnormal by any decent person. Throughout his presidency, Trump continued to demonstrate, time and time again, that he was not only unfit to be president in a myriad of ways, but that he was also a foul, childish, and pathetic excuse for a human being. Still, Republican politicians and other high-level government officials didn’t just look the other way. They actively supported him. They encouraged him. They bear responsibility for Wednesday’s riot just as Trump does.

Some of them hypocritically went from vehemently denouncing him in the early 2016 primaries to endorsing him with full-throated enthusiasm once he became president. This wasn’t a case of “I campaigned against you but now we have to be united” which is fairly normal in politics. These were people (like Lindsey Graham, for example) who despised Trump and knew that he would be a dumpster fire of a president. But then they decided that morals, ethics, and honor weren’t things they cared about, so they did an about face and defended him with red-faced righteousness and holy anger against anyone who would dare call attention to Trump’s self-serving and dangerous actions or to his repeated (and repeated and repeated and repeated) lies. Hypocrites.

His supporters have wholeheartedly joined what can easily and accurately be termed a cult. It’s the Cult of Trump. They believe his lies. They cheer his xenophobia. They laugh at his sexism. They dismiss and mock his critics. Trump, aided and abetted by Republican politicians who have shamelessly fawned over him during his term, has created a cult of personality that he keeps alive by peppering it with lies, absurd promises, and conspiracy theories.

This man is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a “law and order” president. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves… and was from the beginning.

If you’ve supported this man in 2016, supported him throughout his clusterfuck of a presidency, or continue to support him now, your moral compass isn’t just broken, it’s gone.

Gas prices

Interestingly, back when gas prices were hitting the $4.00 per gallon mark, the right-wing was absurdly shouting blame at President Obama for the increase. Now that gas prices have dropped around sixty cents, I don’t think I’ve read or heard a single peep from that same right-wing group thanking the president for lowering prices… or even acknowledging the drop.

It’d be nonsense, either way, since the president has little, if anything, to do with gas prices, but it’s amusingly hypocritical. No doubt, there would be some "explanation" about how Obama was responsible for the increase, but not the decrease.

My favorite hypocrisy

Having dealt with global warming deniers and having read many of their claims (and rants), I’ve noticed a few common hypocrisies. I paraphrase my favorite one below.

Denier Claim #1: Global warming isn’t happening. In fact, temperatures have been declining for the last 30 years.

Denier Claim #2: The temperature record is too unreliable to conclude that global warming is happening.

That’s classic denialism and a good example of how deniers will just parrot arguments they’ve heard without really giving them much thought or taking the time to get more in-depth information.

Of course, if they did that, they might not be deniers.

Glenn Beck and the Key to the City

It seems that Glenn Beck has received the “key to the city” from the mayor of his hometown, Mount Vernon, Washington. Bud Norris (the mayor), evidently emphasized that “the honor was for his professional accomplishments, not his political views.”

There were about 800 demonstrators on hand, reportedly evenly split between supporters and detractors.

Beck gave an acceptance speech at the event. MSNBC reports (emphasis mine)…

Beck, 45, mostly stayed away from discussing politics. But he said he didn’t remember politics being so divisive when he was growing up. The country could count on a bright future if people would stop tearing each other apart, he said.

I’m not sure if that’s hypocrisy or irony coming from the guy who said that Obama is a racist and has a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” He’s also the guy who said “Everyone is Hitler, except for me!” and…

The Manchurian Candidate couldn’t destroy us faster than Barack Obama. If you were planning a sleeper to come in and become president of the United States, this is how he would do it.

(and that’s pretty mild compared to a lot of his stuff)

This buffoon of hatred, bigotry, and absurdism is the guy who says we should stop tearing each other apart? Well… actually, he didn’t say we should stop. He said that our country could count on a bright future if we would stop.

I guess he wants no part of that.