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Jackson Journey

This is why I kayak…

On the lower Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania around Muddy Run Park… one of my favorite places to paddle.

Muddy Run on the Lower Susquehanna River

Muddy Run on the Lower Susquehanna River Muddy Run on the Lower Susquehanna River Muddy Run on the Lower Susquehanna River

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On the Lower Susquehanna

About a week or so ago, I took Megan and her friend Sara to a lower section of the Susquehanna River and we paddled around some fantastic rocks. The girls got out and did some climbing and exploring while I took pictures from the water. Later, we hauled our boats up on some rocks and had a great lunch with a fantastic view.

Taking a break for lunch

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Kayak Ice Crunching

Saturday, I headed out with my Jackson Journey 14 kayak to a local lake and found the boat launch area completely frozen over. I tried to break through (someone else had already tried), but the ice was about an inch thick and I didn’t make much more progress than the previous boater.

I headed to another part of the lake and found most of the lake to be open water (the boat launch area was sheltered and didn’t get much sun, which explains why it was frozen over and most of the rest of the lake wasn’t), so I got a good day of paddling in, but there was enough ice around that I had a bit of fun crunching through it… as shown in the video clips below.